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TOWIE star Gemma Collins is enjoying the start of a whole new life and lifestyle thanks to hypnotherapy treatment.

Having already dropped 3 dress-sizes, she is reported as being far happier in herself than ever before and feels that had she had the treatment before her disastrous appearance on ITV’s “I’m A Celebrity” that it would have been an entirely different experience for her.

Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of tackling issues such as described by Gemma.  We all know that if you eat less and exercise more that it will have an effect on your body, but the matter is just not that simple for many people who suffer with their weight – if it was, there would be no overweight people!

If you are experiencing any of the following, perhaps a course of LCH therapy might solve your difficulties and let you regain a happy, contented and healthy life.

  • Food / next meal always on your mind,
  • Eating because you’re bored, anxious, stressed, irritated, etc.,
  • No motivation to exercise even when you WANT to,
  • Secret eating,
  • Lost ‘stop button’ – just keep on eating even when full,
  • No longer able to tell when you feel full,
  • Sabotage – cannot stick to a healthy eating plan.

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Photo Copyright: Lime Productions / ITV Photographer: Nicky Johnston.