How Brando Reduced His Panic Attacks

© Helen Lesser, 2015

In January 2015, access was granted to Stevan Riley (a documentary film-maker) to several hundred hours of tape recordings made by the Oscar winning actor, Marlon Brando.  The audio files made up a personal archive of thoughts, diary-type entries and hypnotherapy sessions which he made for himself.

According to Deadline Hollywood one of the hypnosis recordings from 1996 began:-

Listen to me Marlon. … This is one part of yourself speaking to another part of yourself. Listen to the sound of my voice and trust me. You know I have your interests at heart. … Just relax, relax, relax. I’m going to help you change in a way that will make you feel happier, more useful. … I want you to accept what I say as true. What I tell you here and now is true.”

It seems that Brando’s intention was to help himself deal better with the panic attacks he suffered.

From the outside, Brando’s life could appear idyllic to many – a legend even in his own lifetime, surrounded by people who loved him, unimaginable wealth and a fascinating lifestyle – but the degree of his own anxiety led him to this kind self-help on top of the years of therapy he underwent.

Proof, if ever any was needed, of how even the rich and famous are just ‘people’ after all.

Every one of us has our own difficulties and problems to overcome and we each owe it to ourselves to do something about them – to seek help, resolve issues and give ourselves the opportunities we deserve to live contented, rewarding and happy lives.

For more information about the Marlon Brando documentary, due to be screened at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival – see the  or    The Independent



Rather than using affirmations and positive self talk as Brando’s recordings appear to be, LCH is a one-on-one therapy with a highly trained specialist with the aim of understanding and correcting the actual reason why negative thoughts, anxieties and panic attacks exist, so that this reason can be resolved and therefore not create any further effect.  

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