How one LCH Hypnotherapist helps her patients to understand the role they play in the creation and disposal of their problems.


© Katherine M Harris,  2015

You are the creator of your life story –
you created all the good things you have ever experienced,
and you also created your problem!


Firstly, if we are going to be working together to help you, I need you to understand that your issue, condition, symptom – let us call it your ‘problem’ for now, has been created by you.  Yes, you read that correctly – you created it!  Only the part of you that created your problem is not the part that is unhappy about it and is seeking a solution.  The part of you that created your problem is a part of you that is hidden, a part that you are largely unaware of. 


Curious?  Intrigued?  Then read on….


Your mind is made up of two distinct parts which co-operate and work together with the intention of helping you enjoy a long, happy, abundant and healthy life.  These are known as the conscious and the subconscious parts.


The conscious part of your mind consists of everything that you are aware of. It is the rational, thinking, analysing part of your mind.  It wants you to live life to the full, to have lots of varied and interesting experiences and to use these to grow and develop as an individual.   When you do so, this has a positive effect on those around you too, so everyone benefits.


To provide a little more detail, when you are fully engaged in an interesting activity, your awareness expands in a similar way to a young child playing with a new toy for the first time. Completely enthralled during this captivating and pleasurable activity, you experience what can be referred to as a state of relaxed conscious awareness.   This is a life-enhancing, beautiful state that supports mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Meanwhile, the core mission of the subconscious part of your mind is to look after you, acting as a kind of body-guard who works around the clock to ensure your survival, safety and physical health.  It constantly monitors your conscious thoughts, ideas, decisions and experiences, checking and comparing these against all the information it has gained, gathered and stored over your lifetime.  It is extremely hard-working and vigilant, and has your best interests at heart at all times.   You could even call your subconscious your very own personal ‘Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Monitor.’ 


The subconscious part of your mind created your problem.


Why, you may well ask, has your subconscious caused havoc in your life by creating this problem for you when its main role is to look out for you?   The answer is very simple.  Firstly, your subconscious does not view the world in the same way as the conscious, thinking part of your mind, but operates via a very different kind of logic.  Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, there is likely to be a serious imbalance between the roles both your conscious and subconscious play in your life.  In other words,


  Your subconscious has taken command and is running the show.


In an ideal world, both parts of the mind work in harmony, and a beautiful balance between adventure, exploration, risk-taking and responsibility for self naturally occurs.  Healthy boundaries are created and maintained within personal relationships, and people enjoy a sense of self-respect and compassion for both self and others.   Life appears to flow effortlessly and easily, and physical, mental, emotional or habitual/behavioural issues are rare or easily overcome.


It is generally agreed however, that the average human operates using only around 7% of conscious awareness, whilst a rather disturbing 93% of our day to day living is controlled by the subconscious.  Remember, this is the part that puts on the brakes, the part that will sweat over the ‘risk-assessment’ task for any given experience you are likely to be planning.   So whilst you may be consciously wishing, desiring and striving for all kinds of wonderful experiences and adventures for yourself, your internal Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Monitor will be endeavouring to put a block on such notions, believing it is doing you a favour.  And with the odds at 93% to 7%, guess which part is likely to win this mental tug of war – and by what means? 


Your subconscious wins the mental tug of war by creating your issue, symptom or condition!


Ironic, isn’t it!  Your subconscious believes it is helping you by creating what you consciously view as a mighty problem; something that is not only painful, uncomfortable or undesirable in some way, but which is also preventing you from living your life to the full.  You see, whatever your problem is, be it mental, emotional, physical or habitual/behavioural, the real issue is the information to which your subconscious is reacting.  Your ‘problem’ is therefore only the tip of the iceberg, part of a much bigger, underlying issue to which you are completely oblivious. Now, are you ready for some good news?


Any problem you have created for yourself, you can also undo – with help from an LCH Hypnotherapist!

My role as an LCH Hypnotherapist, with your assistance, is to create a channel of communication with your subconscious mind and help it reassess some of the stored information on which it is basing its logic and reactions.  This will help redress the conscious and subconscious imbalances mentioned earlier. All of this is achieved via the combined use of some simple and specialised tools and techniques that are gradually and systematically introduced over a series of sessions.  Once the underlying information has been located and neutralised, your subconscious will have no further need to continue maintaining your problem, and it will therefore gently let it go, allowing you to get on with your life. 


Fringe Benefits


Some people notice that other positive changes take place once their problem has been resolved.  These can differ from person to person, but a common thread seems to be that these include creative endeavours.  Some examples include joining a choir, a dance class, learning to knit, to play a musical instrument or becoming interested in gardening or DIY, but the potential for change and growth here is infinite.


There is a perfectly logical reason why this occurs; remember that the conscious part of your mind is open to learning, exploration and discovery, whatever your age. So once the subconscious has accepted the new perspective gained from the work undertaken during treatment sessions and has released the problem, a subtle shift occurs within.  The subconscious, having discovered it has been unnecessarily over-vigilant, hands back a little more control to the conscious part of the mind, freeing you up to pursue latent or new passions and interests.


Do bear in mind here however, that this is a potential fringe benefit, and not something that happens in every case.  If it does, the therapist is not always aware of such developments, because the changes may take place some time after treatment has been completed, and patients may simply not attribute their new found interests to the treatment received.


Still curious?  Still intrigued?


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