“Completely Effortless”

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor happily told the world how he had stopped smoking in 2006 using hypnosis.  “Hypnotherapy was absolutely responsible in making it completely effortless” he said. In October 2014, he turned to hypnosis once again to overcome his nervousness about returning to live theatre and his stage performance on Broadway.  He is reported in The Scotsman as saying:

“My name in lights on Broadway. Big moment for a wee actor from Crieff.”

McGregor has found great benefit in managing his stage fright with the help of suggestion-based hypnotherapy recordings, which he uses daily.  Such treatment requires a degree of self-discipline to spend time every day reinforcing the messages and doing the exercises but can be effective in overcoming occasional nervousness.

However, for those who suffer from more than just general nervousness in rare situations or who simply want to be free of the thoughts and feelings rather than finding strategies to cope better with them, then a more tailored treatment from a trained therapist is likely to be required.

Performance Anxiety affects people in many different ways – not just stage fright;

  • Speaking up in meetings
  • Giving a presentation at work
  • Being observed or watched doing something
  • Making  small talk in a social setting
  • Playing sports (golf, darts, snooker, martial arts, for example)
  • Feeling you are being judged/assessed

These are just some of the more common situations where Performance Anxiety can attack.  For some people, it is not just the ‘doing’ of these action, it can be the mere thought of being in the situation which brings them out in a cold sweat and desperately find ways to avoid the situation.  For these people, a mass-produced recording and standard coping strategies are unlikely to be sufficient to calm nerves, reduce anxiety, stop the palpitations or clammy hands.

LCH treatment is a personal one-on-one therapy which aims to identify – and then correct – exactly why you react to situations in this way.  No two people are the same, no two people suffer the same symptoms in the same situations and no two people have the same Cause.

So if you want to put an end to your suffering and wish to enter situations with a cool, confident calmness; then Curative Hypnotherapy could help you to be free of the unease, discomfort, nervousness, fear, anxiety or panic for good.

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