My Journey through Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy Treatment and Training

© Wendy Mitcham 2015



The Treatment

When I look back now, I realise that my journey to wanting to train as an LCH practitioner began when I arrived for my very first LCH appointment.  Standing at the door, I tentatively pressed the doorbell, full of trepidation as to what awaited me beyond the threshold.  Now in my thirties, I had suffered terribly with various conditions for as long as I could remember; initially Depression in my late teens, then Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, then Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Panic Disorder… you name it!  Having exhausted all the standard treatments and therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and even standard hypnotherapy, LCH was literally my last hope, my last resort.

I kept looking for the catch…

My worries were to prove completely unfounded.  As I was soon to find out, the therapy was not only gentle but completely non-intrusive, relying only on recall and not regression and therefore requiring no ‘re-living’ of any painful or traumatic past events.  Not only this, but there was to be no ‘testing’ of my fears through desensitisation techniques (which I had always found, in and of themselves, extremely stressful).  In fact all I was asked to do at the end of each session was to listen to a relaxing CD.  I kept looking for the catch… but there wasn’t one!

I went from strength to strength…

Since finishing treatment, there was no stopping me!  I went from strength to strength, achieving more than I had ever dreamed possible.  I was finally starting to live again and not just exist, as I had done for such a very long time.  Events and situations that had previously proved major obstacles to me were now simply of no consequence and failed to have their previous negative effects on me.  And it wasn’t a case of having to ‘manage’ or ‘cope’ in these situations either; the anxiety simply just wasn’t there any more!

Whereas previously I had struggled to make it from one day to the next, now, with my depression and anxiety lifted from my shoulders, suddenly I was able to start venturing out of the house, my agoraphobia gradually disintegrating until I found myself beginning to socialise, then work, and finally function as a normal human being once more; something I hadn’t been able to do for… well, as long as I could remember!

I began to dream again…

My interest in the mind and the mind-body connection spanned back decades, my own difficulties having previously inspired me to study psychology and even to undertake courses in counselling.  And for a long time, I had wanted to help people.  But of course, I had never been well enough to contemplate taking things further… until now of course!  My own LCH treatment had changed all that; changed my life in fact!  All sorts of doors and opportunities were suddenly open to me and I  began to dream again, a flicker of hope igniting within me; hope that maybe, just maybe, I could in fact realise my dream of helping others after all – maybe it wasn’t too late!

 Why Lesserian?

So why didn’t I continue with my counselling or psychology training?  Why did I opt to study LCH?  Well, quite simply, because I felt (and still do) that LCH takes that one crucial step further than standard treatments and therapies; asking WHY a person is suffering as opposed to simply focussing on managing and treating the person’s symptoms.  LCH takes a very different approach; working with instead of against the subconscious and asking the WHY behind the symptom.  After all, why learn to ‘manage’ or ‘cope with’ a condition when it is possible to get to the root cause and correct this once and for all?  By correcting the faulty belief, we remove the need or reason for the symptom, enabling the sufferer to dispose of his problem and leaving him free to live the life he truly deserves!

Dramatic and permanent results…

With proven success in treating various mental health conditions but equally physical ailments too, the highly analytical yet logical approach of LCH greatly appealed to me.  Moreover, having had first-hand experience of the dramatic and permanent results that LCH could achieve when compared to the temporary alleviation of symptoms I had experienced through other mainstream treatments, my interest was well and truly piqued!  I wanted to spread the word and, if possible, gain the skills required for me to be able to apply this unique therapy to the benefit of others.

 The Homestudy

And so it was that I came to enrol on the introductory part of the training, called ‘The Homestudy.’  Open to those qualified in other therapies or in other types of hypnotherapy, but equally to those with no relevant training or experience, the Homestudy is a comprehensive correspondence course. Consisting of six modules, it covers the foundations of the therapy and gives a flavour of what is to come on the Practical Course.

Of course, I had my concerns; worries that I would struggle or that I wouldn’t have the understanding required… but I knew I had to at least try.  And, since the Homestudy is equally encouraged as a stand-alone course for those simply interested in gaining more understanding of the subject, I was aware that I was in no way obligated to go on to the Practical Course should I find it wasn’t for me.  So what had I got to lose?

And so, I methodically worked my way through each of the modules and soon found that not only did I greatly enjoy the experience, but I seemed to be doing well too, getting positive feedback and encouragement from the College.  I found myself daring to dream one step further; that I might get accepted onto the Practical Course.  I knew that there would be a long way to go to actually becoming a practitioner myself but I was committed and prepared to put the work in, however hard it might be.

Having completed and submitted my sixth and final module, I was delighted to receive a letter back from the College, stating I had successfully completed The Homestudy and inviting me onto the next Practical Course with the Lesserian Hypnotherapy Training College.™  Well, I was ecstatic!

The Practical Course

Founded by David Lesser in 1978 and now run by his daughter, Helen, I was well aware that the College had a long-standing reputation for excellence and training of the very highest standards.  As such, I felt honoured and privileged to be offered a place on the Practical Course and I swiftly accepted.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on a totally unique learning experience and what can only be described as the educational adventure of my life!

Of course, I never entered into anything lightly and again had my concerns. I knew that stepping foot back in a classroom environment would be daunting and the work far from easy… but I was determined.  In any case, I needn’t have worried.  The tutor was to prove engaging and encouraging and quickly put us all at ease with her warm, calm and friendly manner. Her Teaching Assistant (a practitioner herself) was equally friendly and approachable and always on hand for advice or support.  Further, with assignments regularly being set to assess our progress, it was ensured that our understanding of the topics covered was as complete as possible.  And of course, there was always the Knowledge Base to refer to for help along the way; a prolific database of articles compiled by past and present LCH therapists, covering just about every topic and angle of treatment you could possibly think of.

And the best part of the course?  Actually getting to see real patients with real problems treated and cured of their problems right before your very eyes!  In this way, we students could track the logical progression of treatment, being shown how each stage worked right through from the initial consultation to the final session.

With first class tuition, regular opportunities to test out techniques with fellow students and a highly supportive, interactive learning environment, I felt buoyed by the air of positivity and, when it came to my final examination and assessment, fully equipped to perform to the very best of my ability.

The Diploma Course

Having gained my initial qualification (Certificate in Curative Hypnotherapy) I took the opportunity of enrolling on the Diploma Course whilst working towards setting up in practice. Consisting of nine modules, the course is designed to provide continued guidance and support, consolidating the material covered on the Practical Course and identifying and addressing any weaknesses.  Focussing on each and every element of the treatment, it offers help, advice and guidance, enabling you to provide more effective and efficient treatment and guiding you towards becoming fully qualified (Diploma in LCH). Furthermore, students are able to benefit from promotional literature, 24 hour access to the Online Knowledge Base and may apply to use the Lesserian™ Trademark.

And so to the journey ahead!

 And so began my exciting new career!  Looking back, I can’t believe just how far I have come since that very first day when I attended for my own LCH treatment all those years ago.  The road has been far from easy, fraught with obstacles and hurdles to overcome.  However, I can honestly say I have enjoyed every step of my LCH journey and continue to do so.  Now I can finally begin to realise my dream; spreading the word about this unique and highly effective therapy but moreover, applying it to the benefit of others who are struggling, just as I did for so many years.

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