© Helen Lesser, 2015

Three Routes To Being Happy

Quick Fix:

You know how well others respond to us when we smile at them?
You know how good we feel when someone smiles at us?
Why not treat yourself the same way?

Each time you look in the mirror or see a reflection of yourself; smile!

A genuine, warm-hearted “it’s-good-to-see-you” kind of smile will relax you and help make you feel more confident and positive about yourself.

Work in Progress:

If you are looking for more than just a quick ‘feel good’ pep-up and have tried all the usual assortment of self-talk and positive thinking but are frustrated by lack of progress in your journey, perhaps it’s because you are trying too hard.

All self-help relies to some degree on ‘belief’.  If you find yourself sabotaging your efforts or having difficulty in opening yourself to the lessons then taking a step backwards may be your best bet.

You would never stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you’re blue-eyed, kind or funny – you know these things about yourself already. There is simply no need to attempt to convince yourself of the facts when the truth is already known.

So, repeating positive messages, using affirmations or continually working on some point may actually be preventing you from accepting or believing your messages, because you know that the only reason you are saying this to yourself is because it is not true!

Long Term Solution:

If taking a more relaxed approach does not enable success, then a course of LCH treatment might help.

Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapists are trained in the art of Subconscious Specific Questioning; so that while you enjoy the state of deep relaxation, the therapist can identify and then correct the self-limiting or negative subconscious beliefs so that they can no longer cause any effect within you.

When there are no negative thoughts in your mind, there is simply no need to ‘think positively’ – you have an inbuilt, automatic positive outlook and attitude already.

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